We are a growing international learning community that aims to create breeding grounds for social and circular design interventions, to show the world the added value of design and to create an international network of designers, creatives and organizations that contribute to a better world.

The team

Design studios involved from Europe are:

  • Jan Jongert and Lizanne Dirkx (Superuse Studios),
  • Sacha Glasl (Space & Matter),
  • Elmo Vermijs studio,
  • Paul de Graaf,
  • Annemarie Piscaer,
  • Iris de Kievith,
  • Iris Schutten en Caro Isern.

Design studios and NGO’s from Latin America are:

  • Luciano Intile and Fermin Indavere (IR arquitectura),
  • Constanza Chiozza and Pedro Magnasco (CCPM arquitectos),
  • Melina Scioli (Club de Reparadores),
  • Juan Cruz Zorzoli (ONG Amartya),
  • Ramiro Martinez (Creando Conciencia),
  • Leandro Sciancalepore (NGO Germinar).

a network of