Twice a year, each spring and fall, a goood school starts a five-month learning-by-doing trajectory in which participants are challenged and supported to create and implement social and circular design interventions. Hands-on, in a real context, with real partners and stakeholders.

Coached by creatives from all over the world, you will form a interdisciplinary team of two to four participants which formulates and develops a product, space, concept, service, event, campaign or any other creative idea that provides a functional, aesthetic, conceptual and relational design answer to real world challenges. You respond to a challenge proposed by a local not for profit organization, co-create real impact with a local community and bring design where it's needed.

At a goood school, design is not only about aesthetics, functionality and conceptual meaning but also about a deep awareness and understanding of the relations it affects. Relations with and within the environment, relations with and between living beings, relations with and between disciplines like design, economy, society and politics and the relation of the designer with oneself. How to transform these relations with care, equality and strength?

In our program we make sure you experience the design process from start to finish - from research to realization - and get input from a wide variety of experienced coaches both on site and in the Netherlands. You will get lectures of experienced social and circular designers, tours to experimental projects in the Netherlands as well as the guest country, personal development trainings, coachingsessions and a lot of learning by doing on site.

the program schedule

You get to:

  1. acquire insight in contemporary social and circular design
  2. develop and practice your social and circular desgin skills
  3. develop your talents and attitude that help you to realise your dreams and aspirations

This program consists of three phases:

  • one month of preparation in the Netherlands
  • three months of collectively working on site
  • one month of reflection and publishing

The program is concluded with a public presentation in the Netherlands, with all professionals and the next group of participants present.

For us, social design is based on long term engagement. Therefor a goood school experience never stands on its own. Participants build upon the previous work of partners and participants, and pass on their knowledge, experience, research and interventions to partners on site and the next group of participants.

design power
for the
common good.