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The first editions of a goood school take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after a kick-off in The Netherlands, autumn 2020 / spring 2021. Buenos Aires is a higly interesting place, boasting one of the richest cultural and artistic scenes in Latin America yet at the same time in great need of social and circular design interventions.

germinar germinar

Germinar is a collective of creatives and entrepreneurs working to rebuild and strengthen the biodiversity of the area, by reforestation, agro-ecology, recovering native ora and (medicinal) plants in the north of Buenos Aires. They have vegetable gardens, where they start projects, give workshops and prepare seedlings.

creando conciencia creando conciencia

Creando Conciencia is a cooperative of 'recuperadores urbanos' (waste collectors) which collects, seperates, classifies and recycles waste for both environmental care as well as labor reintegration. CC also offers training cources and produces urban furniture.

club de reparadores club de reparadores

Club de Reparadores is a movement promoting repair as a strategy for responsible and practical sustainable consumption; enlarging the useful life of objects and avoiding waste. The club is a triple impact project; focusing on environmental, economic and human aspects.

amartya amartya

Amartya develops and provides educational programs about sustainability & corporate social responsibility. Quinta Esencia is their practical school and testing ground for pilot projects in the south of Buenos Aires. It functions as a laboratory for a sustainable way of living

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tangible hope.