goood school

We are an international network of social and circular designers and local NGO's who have the drive to find, share and develop new ways to act upon reality. With this network we develop programs to make sure ambitious creatives receive the experiences needed to find the knowledge, skills and attitude that help to create real change.

"Growing a worldwide network of engagement."

Working closely with local organizations, participants are facilitated to improve the world we live in today by working on projects that for instance improve air quality, bring back biodiversity, empower a local community or build a circular economy. We aim to create breeding grounds for social and circular design interventions, show the world the added value of design and grow an international network of designers, creatives and organizations that contribute to a better world.

A goood school


The world around us is changing and faces urgent environmental, social and economic challanges. To tackle these challanges, the world requires creative, practical and upscalable answers. Traditional ways of dealing with reality no longer suffice. All over the world people are comming up with inspiring design interventions that respond to these challenges. A new type of education is needed to transfer their insights to tomorrow's designers.

A goood school provides this type of education. Here, disciplines are no longer separated: beauty no longer disconnects from politics, function no longer discards nature, meaning does not restrict itself to the conceptual. Here, working with and within the real world, building upon a deep understanding of systems and change and living an empathic yet hands-on attitude are key.

At a goood school, design is not only about aesthetics, functionality and conceptual meaning but also about a deep awareness and understanding of the relations it affects. Relations with and within the environment, relations with and between living beings, relations with and between disciplines like design, economy, society and politics and the relation of the designer with oneself. How to transform these relations with care, equality and strength?

In our programs we make sure you experience the design process from start to finish - from research to realization - and get input from a wide variety of experienced coaches both on site and in the Netherlands.

empowering changemakers on site.